9 Types of Content That Will Help Your Local SEO

Ranking for local SEO used to be pretty straightforward. You’d add your NAP to the footer, build a few directory links, and voila! You were on your way to the local 7-pack.

Somewhere along the line, the 7-pack reduced to a 3-pack and local directory links are no longer enough.

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Why NAP & User Experience Are Crucial to Local SEO

While it’s no secret that mobile usage surpassed desktop usage in 2015, another fact that often goes unnoticed is the change in user behaviour in terms of the number of devices they use.

According to Google’s Consumer Barometer, the number of users who just use a single device to complete a journey has decreased from 32 percent in 2012, to just 14 percent in 2017.

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9 Essential Local SEO & Listings Management Tools

An online presence is important for both local and global businesses, especially those with physical locations.

It may seem slightly counterintuitive for a local business to focus time on developing their online presence, until you realize that this is precisely where their customers are making buying decisions.

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A Guide to Local SEO for Large Enterprises

If digital marketing channels were items on a grocery checklist, paid search and traditional SEO would be the meat and potatoes.

Local SEO, unfortunately, is too often the afterthought food that many “shoppers” at large enterprises forget to purchase.

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Three trends set to impact local SEO in 2019 & beyond

Local SEO remains an important yet highly underused part of digital marketing.

According to Google, 50% of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone will visit a store within a day. Similarly, research by ComScore suggests that 56% of ‘on-the-go’ searches have local intent, while 78% of location-related mobile searches will result in an offline purchase.

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