Is Your SEO Agency Right For You?


In this day and age, digital media is everything. No business can hope to sustain itself without being well involved in the digital space. Gone are the days where TV and newspaper ads were the only way a company could advertise its products. Now, it’s all about the Internet.

You probably won’t find a company that doesn’t have a digital and social media strategy as part of its marketing plan. This is why social media agencies have multiplied exponentially over the past 10 years; it’s always best to leave the digital media aspect of your business to professionals. You’ll find they compartmentalize the work so much that you even have a search engine optimization (SEO) agencies nowadays, not just social media ones. SEO is an integral part of your social media plan; it’s how you assure your website and products have the strongest online presence you could get.

Yet, not all companies are alike. There are some who could drown your business, and others who could elevate it to new heights. How do you know the one you’re with right now is good for your business?

What’s their experience?

You might want to research and check if this company has helped a business similar to yours or not before. And also check how long their clients have stayed with the agency. Having a portfolio of loyal customers speaks volumes about the quality of the agency. You’ll also want to ask to see results of their former SEO campaigns, and it’s your right to do so.

Any decent SEO agency will be pleased to show you proof of their previous success. SEO case studies are a good way of identifying how experienced an agency is. You’ll find that the Auckland SEO agency and many other agencies do provide some SEO case studies on their website. That way, you can even draw comparisons to work out which agency suits you best.

Are they talking realistically?

You’ll find many SEO agencies offering the skies when it comes to promoting their services. It’s important you look for one that tries to keep expectations realistic. SEO is an ongoing process and its results can’t be guaranteed in a short time or something. Look for people who respect your intellect and talk with you honestly.

Do they do their work in-house?

There are many agencies out there that outsource a big chunk of their work. This means they lose control of some parts of the work, something you don’t want. So it’s always best to look for companies that do as much as possible in-house.

How open are they?

Try to find companies willing to include you in the process. You want them to explain to you what they’ll be doing in terms you can understand. Ambiguity when it comes to your business is never a good thing; they should be transparent and honest about the exact steps they’ll be taking to improve your SEO reach.

How much do they cost?

Low or high prices should always be a red flag. Agencies that undercharge you probably offer low quality work. And those who overcharge you are not aware of the market nature. These are two issues you’ll want to stay away from.

It’s never too late to change companies

These questions will help you decide if you’re currently with the right company or not. Changing SEO agencies can be intimidating and worrisome, but don’t let that sway from making the right choice. It’s never really too late to switch companies if you get the feeling something’s wrong. If you understand the importance of SEO to your business –– and you should –– then you know that you have got to have the best SEO agency you can get your hands on. It will probably be the difference between the success or failure of your business.

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