7 Ways to Make Local SEO Successful


Local SEO is crucial if you want your business to stay relevant. You could be missing out on your potential customers if your business isn’t optimized for local search. However, every business must depend on local SEO performance to obtain much better online visibility. 

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How Can Retailers Turn Disgruntled Customers Into Happy Ones? – Retail TouchPoints

Retailers Acing Customer Service

Companies like Macy’s have been getting customer service right by dealing with complaints proactively. Macy’s web site, for instance, has a “tell us what you think” section in which clients can quickly leave feedback about three different types of experiences: in-store, online and credit card. It backs up its online chat features with live calls, and customers are attended to 24 hours a day. Complaints are dealt with in minutes, which gives them major credibility with social media users.

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SEO… PR… They are all connected

SEO/PR brainstorming meeting image


At the initial brainstorm for a campaign, one of the first questions to consider is whether social media would be suitable for the campaign in question. How could social media marketing add value to the campaign, and what could it accomplish that other elements in the campaign – advertising, PR and events for example – just couldn’t?

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How you can improve your search rankings through social signals

With the advent of online presence and marketing also came the social media platforms. Over the years communication over these platforms has evolved immensely. What used to be simple instant messaging has now transformed into full-blown product and service promoting giants. In no previous point in time have we had a better time reaching our desired audience. It has developed into science in itself. Social likes, shares, comments, and more, all play a vital role in our rankings on the global search platforms.

Social media affects our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) standings in a big way. These two concepts work together in unison to create a synergistic effect and offer the audience value and relevance. Here we will go deeper into the rabbit hole and see how we can leverage these terms to serve us best.

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The solar marketing revolution you’ve never heard of: New top-level domains

By Sara Carbone, freelance copywriter at Create Velocity

Solar marketing can be tough. Contractors are working to differentiate themselves in a crowded and ever-changing marketplace. They’re seeking to meet prospects wherever they are and usher them to a specific website.

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